Area search tutorial



  1. tariff: >=Idyll
  2. con4gis brick: con4gis/maps (MapsBundle)

The setup of the area search goes hand in hand with the router setup.
If you haven't set up your router yet, have a look at

All settings for the area search can be found in the routing configuration. You can use the same settings for routing and area search. The POIs that are displayed on the route are also those for the area search.

In the routing configuration a few settings for the area search can be stored. First you can choose if the router or the area search should be displayed initially. Then enter the map structure elements to be displayed on the route and in the area search.
There are three important fields for the area search in particular. First the minimum, the maximum and the initial radius, which you can define in advance. All details are given in kilometres.

Now all settings for the area search are done. Have fun.